Little House - The Baby Room

The Baby Room (1-2 years)

At Little House we take just six one to two year olds per day. This lovely cosy room enables us to provide an excellent standard of care and to really get to know your children well.

With two staff based in the room, activities may involve anything from games and singing to puzzles, messy play or cooking.


The baby room also has its own shady garden, ideal for very little ones.

A typical day in the baby room may include:
8-8.45am Breakfast
9am Registration
9.15am Morning play/garden time or morning activity
10.15am Morning snack
10.30-8.45am Activity/gym time/singing time
11.30am Lunch
12 - 2pm Sleep
2.30pm Afternoon or garden play
3pm Afternoon snack
4.45pm High tea
5pm Play


We only offer full day sessions (8am to 7pm) in the baby room.