Little House - The Main Room

The Main Room (2 to 5 years)

The main room at Little House is our dedicated space for two to five year olds.  As a former community hall, the main room has a lovely open plan feel, with a separate stage area used for activities in smaller groups and quiet time.

The room has direct access to the garden with it’s playhouse, trampoline and slide which the children are able to enjoy on a daily basis.

Daily activities in the room may include painting, colouring, sticking, role play, reading in the book corner or even cooking. This is just a small snapshot of what the children do in a day as the activities are very varied. Older children will also be offered more ‘structured’ activities which will aid their learning with letters and numbers. All staff support this and consistently look to extend a child’s learning.

In the year before leaving us to go to school we also engage in a number of pre-school activities. Each child is given the opportunity to add a pre-school afternoon (if they don’t already do afternoon sessions) to their schedule in which they undertake a reading and writing programme with our pre-school teacher. The children also bring a packed tea to nursery on their scheduled afternoon and eat separately from the other children as many will take a packed lunch to school with them the following September and this provides a good learning experience.


For children aged two to five, nursery sessions available are:

  • Full daycare 8am to 7pm
  • Half days – either a morning (8am to 1pm) or an afternoon (2pm to 7pm)
Extra-curricular activities

Included in our fees are a number of extra-curricular activities provided by external teachers, all specialists in their relevant areas. When age appropriate, our babies join our older children for these activities.

Weekly activities:

  • Monday am- Spanish sessions with Bilingual Beats

  • Tuesday am- Dancing with Clare

  • Wednesday am- Football with Richard

  • Thursday am- Sport with Darren

  • Friday am- Music with Jodie Hay