Northcote House - The Nursery Landing

The Nursery Landing (1 to 2 years)

The Nursery Landing takes 27 babies aged one to two years in our well designed space. The children are accommodated in one room of twelve children and one room of fifteen children called the Bunnies and the Penguins.  We also have a dedicated sleeping room for our younger babies and have recently added a baby sensory room to the nursery floor.

The Nursery Landing is managed by Joanna Thomas. Joanna has over sixteen years experience working with young children. She manages a team of nine staff per day who in their rooms undertake activities including singing, music, messy play, puzzles, games, reading although ensuring there is plenty of time for cuddles.

Aside from daily activities planned by our staff, we also have two external teachers per week. On a Tuesday morning Jodie Hay attends nursery to do a music session with all our babies, and on a Friday morning Clare holds a Baby Ballet class.  All children in nursery on those days will be included in these activities.

All nappies and formula (if necessary) are included in our fees.



Each room is managed by a qualified Room Leader. They are supported by three other staff in each room.

A typical day at nursery may include:
8-8.45am Breakfast
9am Registration and welcome song
9.15am Morning play/walk to the park (weather dependent)
10.15am Morning snack
10.30-8.45am Activity/gym time/singing time
11.30am Lunch
12 - 2pm Sleep
2.30pm Afternoon or garden play
3pm Afternoon snack
4.30pm Afternoon tea
5pm Play before bed
6pm Evening snack


For our under 2’s we only offer full day sessions (8am to 7pm).