Northcote House - The Woodland Room

The Woodland Room (2 to 3 years)

The Woodland Room is our newly toddler friendly dedicated space for our two to three year olds. Our room is big, light and airy. Leading off this space is our garden which adjoins the Woodland Room.  Our nursery garden is used by our toddlers and our babies, so is designed for age appropriate play.  

At certain times of day the children use the space in ‘free flow’ meaning that they have access to inside and outside at the same time and all the activities and toys that both spaces have to offer. 

Activities in the Woodland Room may include painting, colouring, sticking, puzzles, reading, games, building, cooking and dancing.  Of course this is just a snapshot of what the children do in a day as there is plenty more on offer!



Nursery sessions

For children aged two to three, nursery sessions available are:

  • Full daycare 8am to 7pm
  • Half days – either a morning (8am to 1pm) or an afternoon (2pm to 7pm)
Extra-curricular activities

Included in our fees, we also offer a variety of activities held every day by external teachers. These staff are all specialists in their teaching areas, and have significant experience with pre-school children.

Our activities are as follows:
  • Monday – Sport with Darren
  • Tuesday – Music with Jodie Hay
  • Friday – Dancing (ballet) with Clare